Presenting a new monthly concept: VOYAGER.

We will be pushing the best local talent to their limits, by giving them the decks for a whole night to share their musical voyage. We are fans of long DJ sets in many ways, it pushes DJs to boundaries they otherwise would not cross, playing a more eclectic selection with the challenge of holding the dance floor, whilst still purveying their taste.

With the large pool of talented DJs we have in Manila, VOYAGER will be a platform to help these DJs convey the artistic element behind being a DJ, showcasing their talent in an all night long affair.

For the first event we have our own resident and music director MIKAIL, who will be playing (at least) a 6 hour long set. His musical experience stretches back quite a bit, having played in clubs all around the globe and being exposed to many influences.

“Long sets are really the best way to express yourself and show your worth as a DJ. For me usually the longer, the better, because you really get locked into the moment and do not think outside that DJ booth. It’s like teasing or playing with a crowd - oh I’ll take you deep now, or let’s go banging and loud - you really identify with the crowd and as one they convey their feelings to you as a DJ.” says Mikail about his preference for long sets.

When asked how he will be approaching the first ever VOYAGER at XX XX he mentioned: “Will be going out of the box for this one, I’ll be attempting for the first time to incorporate a TR-8 drum machine into the set, adding drum elements on the spot into the set, will be interesting! Music-wise I’ll be going everywhere I think, one can only plan so much for a very long set, but expect disco, the odd throwback, and the random track in a language you don’t understand."

Known to play everything from jacking Chicago house to rough and raw techno, there will definitely be some exciting and unexpected moments coming up this Friday for the first ever VOYAGER.

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