One of the names on everyone’s lips right now is that of Samantha Nicole. The Cubao native has been playing at all the top electronic music establishments, from TIME and Black Market, to being part of the UNKNWN series and tearing up Area 51 in Boracay, she is definitely one of the names to watch in the near future and an embodiment of the growing house and techno scene in Manila. She can also be defined as a true homegrown talent, tracing her roots to Today x Future - an infamous dive bar in Cubao that shaped her musical taste and talent, being exposed to music by older peers.

Her sound flows between house, techno and also dips into electro, indie and disco flavours, but one key trait is what makes you recognise Samantha Nicole is on the decks - it’s jacking. No matter what track she is playing the thumping kick drum keeps all the dancers moving.

We are more than excited to have her continue doing this regularly as a resident DJ for XX XX. For now, we asked a bit about her roots and had her deliver an exclusive mix. Enjoy.

What is your background with electronic music? How did you develop your passion for it?

It’s a combination of what I used to hear my dad blasting when I was growing up, my partner schooling me, the people I surround myself with and my years spent with Today x Future. My dad would play tons of Brazilian house and Hed Kandi music when I was a kid. He likes exercising to it, haha! He’s also got piles of music lying around everywhere, from Prodigy and Groove Armada to Garbage. Future, where I practically grew up, exposed me to a wide variety of music. From house to indie, and electropop to disco. It’s also where I got to know plenty of DJ’s, bands and other electronic artists who helped mold me over the years. Leah is instrumental in developing my passion for it. She introduced me to the likes of Aphex Twin, Leftfield, Ian Pooley and 90's Detroit house music. She also told me a lot about the how the electronic music scene was locally, during their rave days. It’s an education, really. There was one time, she plugged in Simian Mobile Disco's "Sleep Deprivation". Nothing was the same after that!

Who or what would you say are your main influences as a DJ?

Any sound I find infectious. It could be Dirtybird or This Ain’t Bristol’s bass. It could be that 808 acid vibe. It could be an entire set by Hunee, Trikk or Louisahhh. The people I surround myself with — the music heads, DJs and bands — also heavily influenced me into how I end up crafting the sets that I do. For one, Tarsius always give something different yet electrifying each time they’re on stage. They’re such a magnetic band to watch. They inspire me to constantly try and pass on that energy to the freaks on the dance floor.

What can we expect from you as a resident DJ at XX XX / 20:20?

A ton of variety. I’ve always enjoyed bringing the vibe from something slow to heavy then move to some fat bass lines and maybe throw in something minimal. A complete trip, hopefully! Oh and fingers crossed, I get everyone to come home with aching feet ;)

As a club, what does XX XX represent to you and what are your hopes for it?

XX XX is another shot at expanding the non-commercial music scene here in the country. I’m optimistic it’s going to live up to the standard people are already expecting it to — even better, surpass it. There’s a lot of talent here and XX XX has plans of showcasing that talent and bring it alongside up and coming & established international names. It's impressive how this scene is growing, and I'm very happy to be part of it.

Name 3 tracks that define you.

Justin Jay - Static
Barnt - Chappell
Benjamin Damage - 010x

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