Branching out into the more worldly electronic (and non) sounds we will be featuring at XX XX, we have one of the most respected diggers, beat-makers and music connoisseurs as a resident for our Wednesday and Thursday nights, Red-i. Most known for being one of the founders of B-Side and it’s institutional Irie Sunday events, and one of the founders of the more recent Black Market, Red-i is a pioneer in the local beat scene. He has influenced a whole younger generation of beat makers in Manila over the years, and continues to do so today with his deep knowledge of music.

Musically, he has been collecting records for over a decade and has amassed an impressive collection of all sorts, his dance-oriented music is a cross of dub and bass, whilst he has a strong taste for rare world music, Brazilian jazz to rare Filipino disco, which he will be showcasing at XX XX. He has played alongside acts such as Kode9, DJ Krush, The Gaslamp Killer, The Bug, Daedelus, Onra, Q-Bert and Addison Groove to name a few.

Catch him weekly for a little music education at XX XX.

What is your background with electronic music? How did you develop your passion for it?

I was introduced to electronic music by going to raves back in '98.. I would attend the Consortium parties back in the day, I caught acts like Goldie, Aphrodite, Fantastic Plastic Machine and Richie Hawtin. Local acts like Rubber Inc. also inspired me.. The first time I went to a rave, I felt like I entered a different dimension... hearing jungle, drum & bass, house and techno for the first time blew my mind. Around 2001, two of my friends and I created an electronic group called Down Boy Down. I was programming the drums for it, we were trying to replicate all our different influences in our own style. Then around 2003, I start djing.

Who or what would you say are your main influences as a DJ?

My main influence is my passion for music.. Growing up, our music defined us.. we always wanted to dig for rare tunes, even before I started collecting vinyls. We just loved to listen to music, all kinds. We also loved to share the vibes with people. That passion is still inside me today.. Thats the reason why I first started djing.

What can we expect from you as a resident DJ at XX XX / 20:20?

I'll be sharing my vinyl archive there.. I've been collecting for almost 16 years now. I have a very eclectic collection and I'm excited to play them at XX XX / 20:20

As a club, what does XX XX represent to you and what are your hopes for it?

I hope XX XX will bring more vibes to Manila and represent it a proper way around the globe.

Name 3 tracks that define you.

Fela Kuti - Upside Down
Photek - Lost Blue Heaven
Lee Scratch Perry - Dread Lion

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