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Formed in 2004 in Manila, Philippines, Pedicab is a five-piece rock band composed of Diego Mapa (vocals, guitar), Raimund Marasigan (bass synth), Jason Caballa (guitar), Mike Dizon (drums), and RA Rivera (synth, sampler). Their Invasion Tour starts on July 13,2017.

Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas

Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas is a 10-piece, sometimes 11 to 12-piece, big band which plays an eclectic mix of different music genres. Their music ranges from Jazz, Swing, Blues to Soul Disco-Funk to Modern/Contemporary groove music. The band members come from the finest bands in the Philippines such as Radioactive Sago Project, Pupil and Barbie’s Cradle, Sinosikat?, Bamboo, among others


Outerhope is a pop duo composed of siblings Micaela and Michael Benedicto. The duo’s sound was initially characterized by tale-spinning lyrics sung in airy boy-girl harmonies, laid over hushed guitars and chiming piano melodies

Rod Mijares Combo

A three piece outfit playing surf, rockabilly and western bop tunes, the Rod Mijares combo is fronted by Rod Mijares, Redrick Brosas and Jerwin Coronel, and combines well-crafted guitar, bass and drums to create instrumental tracks that possess the upbeat vibe prevalent in early 50s rockabilly music. The Rod Mijares Combo captures the charm and nostalgia of music from an interesting era.

Christian Bucher(Switzerland)

Christian Butcher comes all the way from Switzerland. As a drummer and percussionist he gave solo concerts in connection with painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, performance, architecture, literature, theater and dance. He has extensive CDs, radio and TV recordings as well as festival performances and concert tours which take him to different parts of the world.

Jess Milner

Jessica Milner's talent behind the deck, impeccable musical taste and ability to seamlessly bridge mainstream and underground musicmakes her highly sought after DJ. Her ability to mix together classic hip hop, R&B, housemusic, underground sounds, electronica, and indie tracks is what really sets her apart.

Emel Rowe

Emel Rowe is half Filipino and grew up listening to "great" soft rock, commercial R'n'B and those tacky aerobic dance megamixes you could buy on cassette. He went from hip hop to disco, soul and that's just scratching the surface.

Auggie Fontanilla

Auggie is the co-founder of the artist collective Pilipinas Street Plan. He's joined numerous group shows and has been exhibiting as a solo artist since 2012. His illustrations are rendered in clear, neat outlines, drawing inspiration from gang emblems and prison isignias. He is also an active member of the graffiti crew KST.

Darling Kink

Kay Aranzanso is the girl begind Darling Kink. Her artworks revolve around Manila erotica and the female anatomy and they're sure to catch your attention.

Rick Countryman

Rick Countryman is an Alto Sax specialist. He was an active member of the underground “Gorilla Jazz” scene in Seattle during the late 70s and 80s. In 2011 he resurfaced as part of the Manila jazz scene; leading and performing in ensembles on baritone sax, alto sax, alto flute and bass flute; performing original compositions in his own jazz quartets and trios.

Tomas Cabili

Thomas Cabili's music can range from techo, dance, R&B, soul, hiphop and pop. No matter what he plays, he's sure to get the crowd moving with his unique sound.


DJ Escapone channels a blend of the old and the new through this 30-minute mixtape, including beats and tracks from different genres like nu soul, RnB, hiphop, and more.


Nomoclassiq aka Kevin Shaw isn't afraid of swimming against the current. His sets are composed of house,funk, hiphop, and everything in between. His live performances never fail to attract crowds that and grooving through sounds both foreign and familiar.

Mystic Mime

Mystic Mime Statues transform into eye-catching icons at entrances to attract more visitors to your event Mystic Mimes has the ultimate portrayal making actions speak louder than words. Subtle action complete the imagination of every audient rendered with professional stage performance.

Dancehall Manila

An open community for people to gather in sharing their love and knowledge for Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall. A community that celebrates and is hungry to learn more about this beautiful culture - mainly in dance. they spread peace, love & positive vibes.

Jazzy Jesus

Jazzy Jesus aka Jesus Joaquin has been in the DJ scene for a while now. The only way to describe his music is smooth and jazzy.

Samantha Nicole

Resident DJ Samantha Nicole's sound flows between house, techno and also dips into electro, indie and disco flavours, but one key trait is what makes you recognise Samantha Nicole is on the decks - it’s jacking. No matter what track she is playing the thumping kick drum keeps all the dancers moving.

Don P

Resident DJ Don P aka PJ Martinez is a well-known household name in Manila’s underground music scene, co-founder of Black Market and B-Side, passionate DJ and crate digger. As with many true hip hop heads, PJ’s musical taste embraces many different genres from jazz, soul, funk, disco, reggae, dub, bass and beyond, which he will be showcasing on our Wednesday and Thursday nights.


Resident DJ Mulan aka Erick Ong, deeply rooted in Manila’s underground music scene and one of the most respected DJs in the country. A true vinyl archeologist, Mulan is said to have a collection of up to 10,000 records lying around in his attic, ranging from techno, house, krautrock, disco, experimental, IDM ambient and more.


Resident DJ Bins aka Vince Pante has been playing. His interest in pushing alternative electronic music saw him co-founding BuwanBuwan, a label and collective that features local musicians and beatmakers. His style can range from house, techno, breaks, garage, down-tempo, juke, bass music, ambient and many other genres.


Mvltiverse plays with technology to create new forms in transcending the moving image through live performance, new media & installations.

Also performing:

Mara Reyes

Betty & Veronica

Betty & Veronica aka Valerie de los Santos and Regina Belmonte


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