David Sorrenti aka Bruder is a young up and comer in Manila’s house and techno scene, with a specific taste in techno that sets him apart. Originally hailing from Stuttgart, Germany where he was first exposed to electronic music attending clubs like Rocker33, a now closed but legendary club. He soon found his way to the now world famous Berghain / Panorama Bar, which deepened his mind into techno and its various forms and heritage. Since moving to Manila in 2013, he has built a reputation for himself as an exciting prospect in the growing underground scene.

When it comes to his DJing style, it is very precise, technical and systematic - flawless transitions, playing tracks to their full length for full effect, rarely breaking the beat. He leans towards Berlin style house and techno, but often throws in flavours of Detroit or Chicago, giving character to his DJ sets.

As one of the residents of XX XX for Friday and Saturday, he will definitely have the platform to express himself in front if an increasingly eager crowd.

We had some words with him about the opening of XX XX and a bit of his own story.


What is your background with electronic music? How did you develop your passion for it?

I guess it started around 2007 or so. I discovered stuff like Robin S. - 'Show Me Love' or Nightcrawlers - 'Push That Feeling On', probably because some local DJ played a cheesy remix of it. Back then, clubbing wasn't really about the music for me and my friends, as the nightclubs would play the same songs over and over again, every weekend! Two years later I discovered this nightclub called Rocker33 and that kind of opened my eyes and changed my life. It had this dark warehouse feel with a great outdoor area. I started distributing flyers for them so I could get free guest list for their events, and saw all kinds of DJs from Carl Cox to Kerri Chandler, MCDE, Levon Vincent, Redshape or Move D, but also the whole Ed Banger crew and more electro type of stuff like Erol Alkan and Zombie Nation. When the club closed down by the end of 2011 the whole nightlife in Stuttgart just went a bit down and we soon got bored. That's when we discovered Berlin. The first real club night there was at Panorama Bar on a Friday, and we had so much fun that we went again the next day. When I first saw the Berghain floor it completely blew me away! The perfect sound system, the people and of course, the music- I've never experienced anything like it before. Obviously we travelled back and forth more often, as no other club could give us the same experience. So I guess my passion for electronic music developed sometime within these years -through clubbing, but also an amazing group of friends who would share the same passion and keep digging for new music every day.

Who or what would you say are your main influences as a DJ?

I would say those magical years I had in Germany really influenced me for the music I play nowadays. The different clubs, DJs, festivals, friends, and artists I discovered over the years. When it comes to specific artists that influence me as a DJ, my list could go on forever. Basic Channel, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Aphex Twin, Steve Rachmad or more recent artists like SHXCXCHCXSH, Architectural or Demdike Stare, but also local DJs and musicians from Manila like Mulan or Caliph8 inspire me.

What can we expect from you as a resident DJ at XX XX / 20:20?

You can expect a bit of variety - from techno to house, experimental, ambient, IDM, electro, 80's or new wave. Whatever fits the night and occasion. It's also important for me not to play only dancefloor oriented tracks, but rather something I would listen to at home as well! Basically just share the music I love.

As a club, what does XX XX represent to you and what are your hopes for it?

XX XX represents a step forward for Manila's clubbing scene. High quality music on all levels, based on a trusted and talented line up of resident DJs, but also excellent bookings. Most of the residents have been DJing for over a decade now and I really respect everyones work and skill. I'm really looking forward to pushing different sounds in Manila together with the crew and I think XX XX will be the best platform for it. No restrictions, no genre limiting, no BPM rules - just good music on a good sound system with good people. My hopes are that some will understand that clubbing should always be about the music, not about taking photos and ordering bottles. That a club can be a place where you get blown away by discovering new songs, not singing along to the ones you already know. A place where electronic music goes beyond the dance floor.

Name 3 tracks that define you.

Aphrodite's Child - All The Seats Were Occupied
Ennio Morricone - Sinfonia Per L'Attentato
Angelo Badalamenti - The Bookhouse Boys

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