A staple household name of Manila’s underground music scene – Bins aka Vince Pante has been playing in the Metro’s trending spots like Black Market, Bowery or Today x Future for a few years now. His passion for collecting records and digging for new songs every day, combined with the expertise and finesse that he delivers behind the decks make him the respectable DJ that he is today, with a constant hunger to evolve. His interest in pushing alternative electronic music saw him co-founding BuwanBuwan, a label and collective that features local musicians and beatmakers. His style can range from house, techno, breaks, garage, down-tempo, juke, bass music, ambient and many other genres. By using his musical knowledge to his advantage and by not narrowing his vision to a few select genres, he performs and entertains by taking a broad approach in every set – amalgamating all the aspects and nuances he has learned from one of the dearest companions in his life, music. We are happy to announce that Bins will be joining our line up of resident DJs for XX XX. Check out his interview and exclusive mix below. INTERVIEW

What is your background with electronic music? How did you develop your passion for it?

I have always been a music junkie, but my passion for electronic music started in high school when I discovered artists like Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, DJ Shadow, and even more left-field ones like Mum and Efterklang. In the local electronic music scene, I began as a producer and co-founder of the BuwanBuwan Collective. My first few gigs were live sets of songs I composed, but as I got further entrenched in the music scene, I gravitated towards DJ-ing as a means of self-expression.

Who or what would you say are your main influences as a DJ?

I'd say my main influences are Kode 9 (his set in Sonar 2012 just blew me away) and Ben UFO. Their ability to select the very best of whatever genre they play and mesh it together into a seamless, coherent piece of art is amazing. However, my mentors, really, are Red-I, Don P, and Mulan, all of whom have given me different perspectives on the craft.

What can we expect from you as a resident DJ at XX XX / 20:20?

You can expect deep, funky, soulful, and psychedelic -- bordering on ethereal -- music. I'll keep the groove constant through by coalescing classics and new digs in cohesive sets that will keep the crowd moving.

As a club, what does XX XX represent to you and what are your hopes for it?

XX XX represents a new avenue for DJs to share our craft and explore genres/styles that we might not get to play elsewhere. As a club, I want the music to be of the utmost quality such that people, regardless of race, politics, or what have you find a place to set all that aside and be united in dance.

Name 3 tracks that define you.

Here are the three that I think are most appropriate given what I want to and am going to play in XX XX:
MJ Cole - Crazy Love: This is one of my favorite garage songs of all time. Its timeless groove and vocals are just a recipe for "dancefloor heartbreak.”
Fred Everything feat. Wayne Tennant - Mercyless (Atjazz Vocal Mix): You'd be hard-pressed to find a track like this that goes this deep and this funky -- that deep bass and those wispy synths get me all the time.
Moodymann - Nuttn but Magic (AKA J.A.N.): I love this track because of its depth and patience. It's all about the journey: When that last part hits you, it's euphoria (i.e. it really is magic).

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